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The Mechanical Bull is the hottest party rental item. Get the crowd ready to play cowboy at your event. Our mechanical bull is enclosed in a bounce landing field and is ready to test your bull riding skills.

Our Rodeo Mechanical Bull is the safest available in the industry and comes complete with a trained operator. It features an automatic stop system that will stop immediately when the rider falls. In addition to the automatic stop our bull is also manufactured with a soft head that makes for a safer contact.

Here are a few things to consider when looking to rent the mechanical bull ride:

Needs clear flat 20′ X 20 ‘ area to operate.

Requires Qty 2 – 110 Volt AC Circuits

Colors may differ from picture

An inflatable air mattress makes for a soft landing

Mechanical Bull Rentals Across Louisiana and South Mississippi

Needing to book a mechanical bull for an event or party. Call our office and schedule it as soon as possible. Our mechanical bull is the most popular new item we have and bookings happen quick. Our mechanical bull offers great control to operate as an event or just as a fun beginning mechanical bull ride experience.

Call our office at 504-232-0623.